Watching The Finnish… December 2013

Finnish climate change news

Finnish Meteorological Institute: November unusually warm in southern Finland (weather in Finland in November 2013 and in the autumn 2013)

Yle: Oskari gives Finland a stormy Sunday

Yle: Thousands without morning power, some rail disruptions continue

Yle: Storm brings near-record high winds

Yle: Gallery: Tracking Seija’s fury

Yle: 1,000 still blacked out by Seija

Yle: Intense storms stump FMI chief meteorologist

Yle: Power companies brace themselves for new storm winds

Yle: Exceptionally mild Christmas weather warms Finland

Yle: A Finnish golfing first: putting at Christmas

Yle: Weak ice warning for north

Yle: Ostrobothnian flooding continues

Yle: Rains forcing bears from their dens

Yle: Mildest New Year’s Day in 50 years?

Yle: Claim for Olkiluoto 3 delays explodes to 2.7 billion

Yle: Fennovoima and Rosatom sign contract for Pyhäjoki nuclear plant

Statistics Finland: Greenhouse gas emissions in 2012 were record low

Statistics Finland: Wood fuels became the largest source of energy in 2012

Statistics Finland: One-half of wood material used in Finland is burned (year 2012)

Statistics Finland: The environmental goods and services sector employed nearly 80,000 persons in 2012

Ministry of the Environment: Ministers of the Environment meeting in Inari discussed conservation of natural areas and climate change in the Barents Region

Yle: Building snow dens for the Saimaa seals

Aleksi Lehikoinen et al.: Common montane birds are declining in northern Europe, see also the press release (in Finnish) and news at Eye on the Arctic

Tuula Larmola et al.: Methanotrophy induces nitrogen fixation during peatland development

Hannakaisa Lindqvist: Atmospheric ice and dust : From morphological modeling to light scattering (doctoral dissertation, University of Helsinki)

Maija Hakola: Catalytic Pretreatment and Microwave Assisted Hydrolysis of Lignocellulosic Raw Materials (doctoral dissertation, University of Helsinki)

Mikko Pervilä: Data Center Energy Retrofits (doctoral dissertation, University of Helsinki)

Tommi Tynell: Atomic Layer Deposition of Thermoelectric ZnO Thin Films, PDF (doctoral dissertation, Aalto University)