Hello, world. My name is Maria Haanpää (“tietoukka”), and this is my experimental newslog, founded in April 2009.

I’m a biologist by education (M.Sc.), and a blogger by necessity. There’s not enough environmental journalism (or science journalism) in my country, you see. That’s why I had to start looking for information closer to its sources. I run this blog in order to keep up with the ongoing climate change, and to assist others in finding information and taking action.

I also write about these issues in Finnish in Tietoukan blogi.

Tietoukka Monitor is a work in progress. In 2009 2010 2011 02012 02013 02014, I’ll be adding more links to useful resources.

You can contact me via various social media, if you wish to show your support or to do something else constructive. To those who already have, I say “thank you” :-)

Watching The Finnish…

News from Finland, about Finland, in English: Please see this page.

Weekly climate change links

See this page.

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