Watching The Finnish… November 2013

Finnish climate change news

Finnish Meteorological Institute: October milder and more rainy than usual (weather in Finland in October)

Yle: Storm cuts power to thousands

Yle: Autumn storm Eino blows in, plunges over 200,000 homes in darkness

Yle: Gallery: Eino’s wake of destruction

Yle: Hundreds work through the night to restore power and remove debris

Yle: Tens of thousands still without electricity

Yle: Thousands still suffering blackouts

Yle: Lights-out continues for parts of central Finland

Yle: Near record snow cover in the north

Yle: Record November snow cover at Kilpisjärvi

Statistics Finland: Share of renewable energy sources in production of electricity and heat grew in 2012

Statistics Finland: Energy consumption in households grew in 2012

Statistics Finland: Amount of burnt municipal waste increased close on million tonnes

Yle: Rusatom vice-chair: No plans for majority stake in Fennovoima

Yle: More partners pull out of Fennovoima nuclear project

Ministry of the Environment: Ministry of the Environment hosts an international workshop on planetary boundaries and sustainable development in Geneva

Finnish Environment Institute and Finnish Meteorological Institute: A web portal about climatic effect of black carbon is open – MACEB (“Mitigation of Arctic warming by controlling European black carbon emissions”)

Good News from Finland: Propulsion R&D project results in major fuel savings for ships, see also the press release

Good News from Finland: Wärtsilä introduces new range of engines

Good News from Finland: ZenRobotics unveils light mobile waste recycler

Good News from Finland: ZenRobotics wins Global Cleantech award

Good News from Finland: Cellulose fibre an eco-friendly alternative to cotton and viscose

Mesele Negash Tesemma: The indigenous agroforestry systems of the south-eastern Rift Valley escarpment, Ethiopia: Their biodiversity, carbon stocks, and litterfall (doctoral dissertation, University of Helsinki)

Sanna-Liisa Katariina Sihto-Nissilä: Studies on the connections between atmospheric sulphuric acid, new particle formation and cloud condensation nuclei (doctoral dissertation, University of Helsinki)

Pasi Heikkurinen: Reframing strategic corporate responsibility: From economic instrumentalism and stakeholder thinking to awareness and sustainable development (doctoral dissertation, Aalto University), see also the press release