Watching The Finnish… June 2013

Finnish climate change news

Finnish Meteorological Institute: May even exceptionally warm in some places (weather in Finland in May 2013 and in the spring 2013)

Yle: Summer heat wave continues

Yle: Flooding in central Tampere

Yle: Strawberries ripening quickly – harvest may be unusually short

Yle: 28,000 lightning strikes

Helsingin Energia: Cooling energy is stored under Esplanade Park

Federation of Finnish Financial Services: Weather related damage in the Nordic countries – from an insurance perspective (PDF), see also the press release (in Finnish)

Yle: Minister: Change in Fennovoima nuclear contractor could bring legal problems

Yle: Wind plants built too close to residential areas

Parliament of Finland: Obstacles to Wind Power Construction in the Bothnia Bay Removed

VTT: VTT: New gasification method turns forest residues to biofuel with less than a euro per litre

Yle: Reindeer slow global warming

Meeri Pearson: Maximizing peatland forest regeneration success at lowest cost to the atmosphere: Effects of soil preparation on Scots pine seedling vitality and GHG emissions (doctoral dissertation, University of Helsinki)

Chao Zhang: Seasonal response of biomass growth and allocation of a boreal bioenergy crop (Phalaris arundinacea L.) to climate change (doctoral dissertation, University of Eastern Finland)

Hilppa Gregow: Impacts of strong winds, heavy snow loads and soil frost conditions on the risks to forests in Northern Europe (doctoral dissertation, University of Eastern Finland)

Svante Henriksson: Modeling key processes causing climate change and variability (doctoral dissertation, University of Helsinki)

Jari Uusikivi: On optical and physical properties of sea ice in the Baltic Sea (doctoral dissertation, University of Helsinki)

Sanna Suikkanen et al.: Climate Change and Eutrophication Induced Shifts in Northern Summer Plankton Communities, see also the press release

S. Asseng et al.: Uncertainty in simulating wheat yields under climate change, see also the press release

Finnish Meteorological Institute now has some open data, see the press release (in Finnish)

Foreign news about Finland

Radio Sweden (via Eye on the Arctic): Swedish wind to power Google data center in Finland