Watching The Finnish… May 2013

Finnish climate change news

Finnish Meteorological Institute: Spring began in April (weather in April 2013)

Yle: Lapland basking in rare heat wave

Yle: Lapland sets heat record, more sun on the way

Yle: Met man: Monster tornado also possible in Finland

Statistics Finland: Greenhouse gas emissions in Finland at the lowest level since 1990

Statistics Finland: Majority of environmental protection investments in industry into air protection in 2011

Statistics Finland: Changes in waste treatment

Yle: Utilities urged to burn wood to save costs and emissions

Yle: New energy certification confuses sellers

Helsingin Energia: Good progress in pellet combustion tests at Hanasaari power plant

Good News from Finland: UPM and VTT start testing new renewable diesel

Good News from Finland: Valoya lights up Swedish nursery [tree nursery]

VTT: Finnish researchers to provide solutions for energy-efficient repairs in residential districts in Moscow

Heikki Laurila: Spring wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) ideotype responses to elevated CO2 and temperature levels : A cereal yield modeling study using satellite information (doctoral dissertation, University of Helsinki)

Jari Liski et al.: Indirect emissions of forest bioenergy: detailed modeling of stump-root systems, see also the press release

Raimo Virkkala et al.: Climate Change, Northern Birds of Conservation Concern and Matching the Hotspots of Habitat Suitability with the Reserve Network, see also the press release

Kalle Meller et al.: The effects of hatching date on timing of autumn migration in partial migrants – an individual approach, see also the press release (in Finnish)

Foreign news about Finland

International Energy Agency: IEA says push for renewables and nuclear power is coherent with Finland’s long-term decarbonisation strategy