Watching The Finnish… March 2013

Finnish climate change news

Finnish Meteorological Institute: February was mild throughout the country

Finnish Meteorological Institute: A winter with few hours of sunshine

Yle: Long, sunny but cold days herald Finnish spring

Yle: Polar vortex behind recent cold weather

Yle: March possibly coldest in 50 years

Yle: Finland falls short of EU emissions caps

Yle: Irregularities found during Olkiluoto crackdown

Yle: STUK: Most Russian reactors wouldn’t pass muster in Finland

Good news from Finland: Vaasa inaugurates world’s largest bio-gasification plant

Good news from Finland: Composites resonate with customers

Good news from Finland: New materials save the environment

VTT: Biodegradable nappies from recycled cardboard

Good news from Finland: Small roofs harness solar energy for heat

Matilda agricultural statistics: The rainy summer was harsh on outdoor vegetables

Statistics Finland: Total energy consumption fell by 2 per cent in 2012

Statistics Finland: Prices of heating and transport fuels increased

Elina Peltomaa: Phytoplanktonic life in boreal humic lakes : special emphasis on autotrophic picoplankton and microbial food webs (doctoral dissertation, University of Helsinki)

Eeva Einola: Present and future fluxes of nitrogen, phosphorus and carbon from catchments to lakes in a boreal landscape (doctoral dissertation, University of Helsinki)

Piia Aatola: Putting a Price on Carbon Econometric Essays on the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme and its Impacts (doctoral dissertation, University of Helsinki), also available on the VATT website.