Watching The Finnish… February 2013

Finnish climate change news

Finnish Meteorological Institute: A milder than average January in the north (Finnish weather in January 2013)

Yle: Cloudiest winter in 25 years

Finnish Environment Institute: In the Gulf of Finland good oxygen situation with low level of phosphorus but increase in nitrogen

Yle: Olkiluoto 3 delayed till 2016

Yle: Fennovoima mulls Russian contractor for nuclear plant

Yle: Daily: Fennovoima breaks off talks with Areva

Yle: Minister: Fennovoima permits should be re-evaluated

The President of the Republic of Finland: Speech by President of the Republic Sauli Niinistö at the Opening of Parliament on 5 February 2013

Ministry of Employment and the Economy: Strategy review will ensure that the 2020 energy and climate targets are achieved

Yle: EU Commission wants to raise carbon price. Finnish MPs are at loggerheads over an EU Commission plan to raise the price of carbon.

Yle: Can the IT sector’s hunger for electricity be tamed?

Good News from Finland: Envor converts leftover food from cruise ships into biogas “Burning wood for energy will be an intermediate stage”

Finnish Environment Institute: The future of Nordic ecosystem services depends on political action

Terhi Rasilo: Connecting silvan and lacustrine ecosystems : transport of carbon from forests to adjacent water bodies (doctoral dissertation, University of Helsinki)

Syed Ashraful Alam: Carbon stocks, greenhouse gas emissions and water balance of Sudanese savannah woodlands in relation to climate change (doctoral dissertation, University of Helsinki)

Markku Kulmala et al.: Direct Observations of Atmospheric Aerosol Nucleation, see also the press release