Watching The Finnish… May 2012

Finnish climate change news

Finnish Meteorological Institute: Spring started with a cool April

Helsingin Sanomat: Be very afraid. Tick season has arrived! (May 15)

Finnish Environment Institute: Doctoral dissertation: Climate change affects floods and water resources in Finland in the 21st century; see also the actual publication (pdf)

Yle: Climate change increasing weather extremes in Finland

Sakari J. Salonen: Quantitative climate reconstructions based on fossil pollen : novel approaches to calibration, validation, and spatial data analysis (doctoral dissertation, University of Helsinki)

Risto Makkonen: From nanoclusters to climate forcers: global modeling of aerosol climate effects (doctoral dissertation, University of Helsinki)

Ministry of the Environment: UPM and the Ministry of the Environment have agreed on peatland nature conservation in Central Finland

Helsingin Sanomat: Half of Finland’s water footprint is from abroad (May 23)

National Consumer Research Centre: Signs of changes in meat consumption in Finland

VTT (via AlphaGalileo): Wood-based biodiesel in Finland. Market-mediated impacts on emissions and costs

Good News from Finland: Finland shines in Nordic Cleantech Open

Annukka Pakarinen: Evaluation of fresh and preserved herbaceous field crops for biogas and ethanol production (doctoral dissertation, University of Helsinki)

VTT (via AlphaGalileo): Arctic solar energy solutions

Finnish Environment Institute: Considerable potential for decreasing greenhouse gas emissions of housing, traffic and food

Matilda Agricultural Statistics: Greenhouse enterprises go for Finnish energy

Helsingin Sanomat: Finland forced to accept marine fuels sulphur content directive (May 30)

Helsingin Sanomat: Forest industry voices concerns over EU’s views on clear-felling (May 31)

Yle: ETLA: Finland could face Arctic oil compensation claims

Helsingin Sanomat: Web hosting service shuts down Greenpeace parody site attacking Neste Oil (May 24)

Good News from Finland: Finnish environmental activist wins prestigious award

Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland: Tuomioja about the Rio+20 Conference: “The best we can get there is hope”