Watching The Finnish… April 2012

Finnish climate change news

Finnish Meteorological Institute: March was warmer than average

Finnish Environment Institute: Gulf of Finland flushed by winter storms: in comparison to the preceding year, the oxygen situation is good and phosphorus levels lower

Helsingin Sanomat: Mild early-winter weather eats into results of Finnish ski resorts (Apr 23)

Statistics Finland: Consumption of hard coal decreased by 41 per cent in January to March

Statistics Finland: Preliminary data on greenhouse gas emissions in 2011

Helsingin Sanomat: Tax incentive favours vehicles with low carbon dioxide emissions (Apr 13)

Good News from Finland: UPM launches green food wrappings range

VTT: Building-specific Energy Production Receives a Boost

Finnish Meteorological Institute: Vegetation cover affects the speed of snowmelt in tundra regions