Watching The Finnish… March 2012

Finnish climate change news

Finnish Meteorological Insitute: “February was colder than average; nevertheless the winter was a little warmer than average” (in Finnish)

Helsingin Sanomat: It’s official: This winter has seen a new precipitation record in Helsinki (Mar 3)

Helsingin Sanomat: Baltic Sea ice thinner than usual this year (Mar 13)

Yle: Early spring for southern Finland

Finnish Environment Institute: Yearbook on Finland’s water, snow and ice conditions published for the last time – Online service replaces a century-long tradition

Yle: Finnish icebreakers to sail in Arctic oil drilling

Yle: Activists protest at Shell’s Finnish icebreaker rental

Ministry of Employment and the Economy: Licence to extract uranium under the Nuclear Energy Act granted to Talvivaara mine

Yle: Government green lights Talvivaara uranium extraction

Helsingin Sanomat: Government votes to grant Talvivaara Mining Company permit for extraction of uranium (Mar 2)

Yle: Green protesters target Talvivaara EGM

Helsingin Sanomat: Protesters picket Talvivaara Mining Company general meeting (Mar 13)

Yle: Activists take Talvivaara uranium decision to Supreme Court

Helsingin Sanomat: Dispute over nuclear waste storage intensifies (Mar 1)

Helsingin Sanomat: Posiva not interested in nuclear waste working group (Mar 14)

Yle: Battle for nuclear waste disposal site

Yle: Pekkarinen: No Fennovoima nuke without waste solution

Yle: Finland needs 2,400 new nuclear energy specialists

Helsingin Sanomat: GUEST COLUMN: Fukushima brought extensive changes to attitudes in Japan – but what about Finland? (Mar 8)

Good News from Finland: Encouraging test results for Neste Oil renewable aviation fuel

Helsingin Sanomat: Southern town of Raseborg rejects offshore wind park plans (Mar 9)

Good News from Finland: Inauguration of Finland’s largest wind turbine in Vaasa

Good News from Finland: Wello wave energy converter ready for full-scale deployment

Good News from Finland: Eniram software slashes fuel costs at sea

Good News from Finland: Making waves with water supply solutions

Helsingin Sanomat: Domestic waste causes major greenhouse gas emissions (Mar 8)

Finnish Environment Institute: HINKUmappi online service collects and distributes information on climate-friendly action to reduce costs and emissions Environmental impact of web and print papers practically identical

Statistics Finland: Total energy consumption fell by 5 per cent in 2011

Statistics Finland: Prices of energy continued to rise

Tike agricultural statistics: Agriculture and horticulture consumed 3% of energy

National Consumer Research Centre: Added value of the smart grid from the customer’s perspective

Government Institute for Economic Research: The Effectiveness of Differentiation of the Finnish Car Purchase Tax according to Carbon Dioxide Emission Performance

Aalto University: Dense urban structure does not lead to low greenhouse gas emissions

Päivi Mäkiranta: Heterotrophic soil respiration in drained peatlands : Abiotic drivers, and changes after clearfelling and afforestation (doctoral dissertation, University of Helsinki)