Watching The Finnish… February 2012

Finnish climate change news

Finnish Meteorological Institute: The Finnish Meteorological Institute to adopt a new normal period for climate statistics. The new normal period is based on weather observations made between 1981 and 2010.

Finnish Meteorological Institute: “January was first warmer than average, and later notably colder than average” (in Finnish)

Yle: Another snowpocalypse year for Helsinki?

Helsingin Sanomat: Helsinki is drowning in snow – Sunday pushed the capital deeper into the white mire (Feb 20) Lapland pines have the best quality seed year in decades

Finnish Environment Institute: Environment in Häme faces change – while effects of air pollution are decreasing, conditions are changing due to global warming

Helsingin Sanomat: Finland’s wind power capacity to be increased by 50 per cent this year (Feb 1)

Helsingin Sanomat: Government wants end to nuclear waste storage dispute (Feb 29)

Ministry of Employment and the Economy: Government urges nuclear waste management custodians to cooperate

Finnish Eviroment Institute: Guide on Best Environmental Practices for the Mining Industry

Yle: Paradoxically, Finland boosts imports of scrap paper

Yle: World’s first wood-based biofuel refinery to be built in Finland

Good News from Finland: UPM to build the world’s first biorefinery producing wood-based biodiesel

Good News from Finland: Eight Finnish companies among the Nordic cleantech superstars

Good News from Finland: Finland ranks fourth in Global Cleantech Index

VTT: “More renewable energy would bring about more jobs, bigger GDP and less GHG emissions in Finland by 2020” (in Finnish)

Hanna-Liisa Kangas: Renewable Energy and Climate Policies: Studies in the Forest and Energy Sector (doctoral dissertation, University of Helsinki)

Tuula Teräväinen: The politics of energy technologies : Debating climate change, energy policy, and technology in Finland, the United Kingdom, and France (doctoral dissertation, University of Helsinki)