Watching The Finnish… December 2011

Finnish climate change news

Finnish Meteorological Institute: “A record-warm and record-long growing season” (in Finnish)

Finnish Meteorological Institute: “An exceptionally warm November” (in Finnish)

Yle: Helsinki 20 degrees warmer than last December

Finnish Meteorological Institute: “Warm December brought thunderstorms” (in Finnish)

Yle: Unusually warm weather preventing birds from flying south

Yle: Lack of snow keeping bears awake

Yle: Rivers reach spring flood levels

Helsingin Sanomat: Rain brings flooding to lakes and rivers in south of Finland (Dec 15)

Helsingin Sanomat: Record rains take a brief break, but damage already done (Dec 20)

Yle: Tens of thousands without power – transport disrupted

Yle: Winds decrease but storm claims first fatality

Yle: Rescue services kept busy by storm

Yle: Storm passes but more gusting winds on the way

Yle: Power cuts plague up to 200,000

Yle: Rail traffic disruptions on Tuesday

Yle: Storm damages may rise to millions of euros

Yle: Problems persist in train traffic

Yle: Tens of thousands still without electricity

Yle: Widespread disruptions in mobile networks

Yle: 20,000 still without power

Yle: Continuing problems with cell phone coverage

Yle: 120 million euros worth of fallen timber

Yle: 14,000 households still in the dark

Finnish Meteorological Institute: Storm on St Stephen’s Day was rare

Helsingin Sanomat: Tourism in Lapland is troubled with mild weather (Dec 20)

Finnish Environment Institute: Nature-dependant Finnish livelihoods must adjust to climate change

Statistics Finland: Total consumption of energy increased by 10 per cent in 2010

Statistics Finland: Prices of energy continued to rise

Statistics Finland: Greenhouse gas emissions in 2010 nearly at the level prior to the economic downturn

Statistics Finland: One-half of wood material used in Finland is burned

Helsingin Sanomat: Sometimes a great notion: energy crop is left lying in fields (Dec 8)

Yle: Olkiluoto 3 nuke start-up delayed until 2014

Helsingin Sanomat: Areva: Olkiluoto III to be completed only by August 2014 (Dec 21)

Yle: Ollila tops Greenpeace “Dirty Dozen” list

Good News from Finland: Neste Oil builds waste-based microbial oil plant

Finnish Meteorological Institute: European Atlas on adverse weather for transport

Helsingin Sanomat: Finland wants rail link to Arctic Ocean (Dec 15)