Watching The Finnish… November 2011

Finnish climate change news

Finnish Meteorological Institute: “October was clearly warmer than average in the entire country” (in Finnish)

Helsingin Sanomat: Levi World Cup slalom races cancelled owing to warm weather and lack of snow (Nov 3)

Helsingin Sanomat: Warm weather sends nature a little bit crazy (Nov 29)

Yle: Winter late by over a month

Yle: Warm weather delays water birds’ departure, see also the research article in Journal of Ornithology

Yle: Finnish tourist industry urged to prepare for snowless winters; see also the report (in Finnish) and related press release (in Finnish)

Yle: New intrusive species in Helsinki waters

Helsingin Sanomat: Wind energy companies battle doubts and fears (Nov 1)

Ministry of Transport and Communications: Greenhouse gas emissions from transport have increased

Yle: Transport emissions leave Kyoto target in the dust

Helsingin Sanomat: Less paper waste ends up in recycling (Nov 21)

Yle: More garbage being burnt

Yle: Eco-electricity gaining ground with consumers

Good News from Finland: UPM develops new composite material

Good News from Finland: Finnish companies win Global Cleantech awards

Good News from Finland: Neste Oil trials renewable diesel in cars and boats

Finnish Meteorological Institute: International satellite service station inaugurated in Sodankylä

Finnish Environment Institute: A new tool for planning sustainable urban regions

Nina Himberg: Traditionally Protected Forests’ Role within Transforming Natural Resource Management Regimes in Taita Hills, Kenya (doctoral dissertation, University of Helsinki)

Liisa Kulmala: Photosynthesis of ground vegetation in boreal Scots pine forests (doctoral dissertation, University of Helsinki)

Antti Mäkelä: Thunderstorm climatology and lightning location applications in northern Europe (doctoral dissertation, University of Helsinki)

Tuomo Särkikoski: Rauhan atomi, sodan koodi : Suomalaisen atomivoimaratkaisun teknopolitiikka 1955-1970 (doctoral dissertation, University of Helsinki; with English summary) “This dissertation investigates the atomic power solution in Finland between 1955-1970”