Watching The Finnish… September 2011

Finnish climate change news

Finnish Meteorological Institute: An unusually warm summer in 2011

Finnish Meteorological Institute: “Record-high levels of UV radiation in Finland last summer” (in Finnish)

Yle: Ideal temperature for a Finn? Chill to 14°

Finnish Meteorological Institute: Air quality has continued to improve in Lapland

Yle: Helsinki goes green, cuts emissions

Statistics Finland: Energy prices rose

Statistics Finland: Total energy consumption decreased by 2 per cent from January to June

Yle: Finland hosts carfree day on Thursday

Helsingin Sanomat: Car-free day promotes public transport in Helsinki region Area of FSC-certified forests multiplies in Finland

Helsingin Sanomat: Protection measures prove a success: population of Saimaa ringed seal is on a slight upward trend again (Sep 30)

Good News from Finland: Europe’s largest renewable diesel plant goes on stream

Good News from Finland: Google opens data centre in Hamina

Good News from Finland: Fortum wins significant international acclaim

Yle: Windpower subsidies remain unclaimed

Yle: Polish workers at Olkiluoto earning slave wages

Helsingin Sanomat: Newspaper says security risks have been found at Finnish nuclear power plants (Sep 29)

Yle: Greens call for referendum on nuclear power

Helsingin Sanomat: Green League would close down nuclear power plants in Olkiluoto in 2018

Yle: Court overrules appeals against nuclear plant sites

Helsingin Sanomat: Location for Fennovoima’s new nuclear power plant is still open to dispute (Sep 22)

Finnish Environment Institute: “Warming climate is affecting our Lepidopteran fauna” (in Finnish) Gathering felling residue had no effect on nutrient levels (see also the article in Biomass and Bioenergy)

Aalto University: New hybrid carbon material discovered

Robin Lundell: Overwintering ecology of northern field layer plants : snow and photosynthesis in Vaccinium vitis-idaea L. (doctoral dissertation, University of Helsinki)

Laura Sokka: Local systems, global impacts : Using life cycle assessment to analyse the potential and constraints of industrial symbioses (doctoral dissertation, University of Helsinki)

Finnish Environment Institute: Radical transformations of consumption and production systems are required for sustainability (see also the Journal of Cleaner Production)

Foreign news about Finland

Bellona: Finns demand national referenda to decide the future of nuclear projects – and possibly, national nuclear energy industry