Watching The Finnish… November 2010

Finnish climate change news

Finnish Meteorological Institute: “in the northernmost Lapland, October temperatures were more than three degrees above the average” (in Finnish)

Helsingin Sanomat: Modest recovery in Saimaa ringed seal population (Nov 11)

Yle: Finns Not Keen on Saving Energy

Yle: Nature League Issues “Hedgehog Spine” Award to Peat Producer

Helsingin Sanomat: Neste Oil starts up new renewable diesel plant in Singapore (Nov 16)

Helsingin Sanomat: NEWS ANALYSIS: Finland abandons development of carbon capture and storage technologies

Yle: Garbage Piles Shrinking

Skaftkärr – Porvoo to become a city of carbon-free housing

Statistics Finland: The Greenhouse Gas Inventory for the year 2008 reviewed

Aleksi Lehikoinen et al.: Life history events of the Eurasian sparrowhawk Accipiter nisus in a changing climate

Hanna Lappalainen: Role of Temperature in the Biological Activity of a Boreal Forest (doctoral dissertation)

Mikael Ehn: Understanding the chemistry of atmospheric aerosol particle formation via observations of physical properties (doctoral dissertation)