Watching The Finnish… October 2010

Finnish climate change news

Helsingin Sanomat: Occupational safety inspectors prevented from entering Olkiluoto nuclear construction site (Oct 1)

Yle: TVO: No Shady Businesses on Nuclear Construction Site

Yle: Greens Want Uranium Mining Ban

Yle: White-Tailed Eagle Nest Puts Wind Power Project on Hold

Finnish Meteorological Institute: “September was slightly warmer than average in the whole country” (in Finnish)

Helsingin Sanomat: Replacing coal in power plants would take years

Statistics Finland: Consumption of hard coal increased by 35 per cent in January to September

Statistics Finland: Energy use in manufacturing diminished by 13 per cent in 2009

Juha Pöyry et al.: Climate-induced increase of moth multivoltinism in boreal regions

Finnish Meteorological Institute: Nature article: New research results change the understanding of atmospheric aerosol properties and climate effects, see also Nature

Finnish Environment Institute: Proven by experience in five municipalities: carbon neutral municipality not a utopian idea

Ministry of the Environment: Survey completed of the most effective emission-reduction measures in construction, the real estate sector and land use

Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland: Book review: Towards a sustainable future with the help of class struggle?

VTT (via AlphaGalileo): State-of-the-art of wind energy in cold climates

VTT (via AlphaGalileo): Recommendations for wind energy projects in cold climates

Foreign news about Finland

WWF Living Planet Report 2010: Finland ranks 12th worst in the ecological footprint index (per person)

Maplecroft Climate Change Vulnerability Index: Finland among the 11 countries with ‘low risk’ from climate change