Watching The Finnish… June 2010

Finnish climate change news

Finnish Meteorological Institute: “May was warmer and wetter than average, and included an exceptionally long heatwave” (in Finnish)

Helsingin Sanomat: Eurostat: Electricity prices for Finnish industrial consumers among cheapest in EU (Jun 1)

Yle: Construction Mag: Two-Euro Wages at Olkiluoto

Helsingin Sanomat: European Commission has questions about electricity sales in Finland (Jun 7)

Yle: Further Delays for Construction of Finland’s Fifth Nuclear Reactor

Helsingin Sanomat: Delayed Olkiluoto III will be connected to the grid no sooner than 2013 (Jun 8)

Helsingin Sanomat: Environment committee votes against permits for new nuclear plants (Jun 16), see also the committee statements (in Finnish)

Yle: Vanhanen: Nuclear Permit Process Going Ahead, “Outgoing Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen does not believe that the government will have to withdraw proposals for new nuclear power permits from Parliament, even though a key civil servant in the process has been found to have a conflict of interest” (!); see also the Ministry of Employment and the Economy press release on Jun 16 (in Finnish) and the Chancellor of Justice statement (also in Finnish).

Helsingin Sanomat: Electric utilities defend right to extend discounts to large shareholders (Jun 22)

Yle: Pekkarinen Proposes Unlimited Liability for Nuclear Power Companies

Yle: Confidentiality Clauses Keep Researchers Quiet, “Dr. Jari Ihonen of the Technical Research Institute of Finland (VTT) has found himself in an awkward position after publicly criticising the preparation of a bill calling for the approval of the construction of two new nuclear reactors in Finland.”

Yle: Parliament Debates Construction of New Nuclear Reactors while Greenpeace Finland prepare to carve the pro-nuclear MPs’ names into a piece of granite and erect the stone as a “memorial to selfishness”.

Statistics Finland: Total energy consumption grew by 12 per cent

Yle: Finland’s Darwin Dilemma: Who is Fit to Survive Climate Change?

Helsingin Sanomat: Finland’s forests work as massive carbon sink (Jun 23), see also the Metla press release (in Finnish) Finnish forests’ carbon sink doubled in 20 years, “[Olli] Salminen [Researcher at the Finnish Forest Research Institute] said that the maximum sustainable amount of energy wood that can be gathered annually is 13 million cubic metres. This will not change substantially by 2027. The figure just happens to be the goal set by the Finnish Government.”

Metla (via AlphaGalileo): Finland puts emphasis on renewable wooden energy in order to mitigate climate change

Helsingin Sanomat: Solar-powered electrical generation starts in Espoo, being “sufficient for the annual consumption of 10 to 15 electric cars” (Jun 4)