Watching The Finnish… April 2010

Finnish climate change news

Finnish Meteorological Institute: “March was colder than average, and in most of the country, precipitation was above average” (in Finnish)

Finnish Meteorological Institute: “April was warmer than average, and in Lapland, spring began almost a month earlier than average” ‘Spring’ = average daily temperature above freezing point. (in Finnish)

Statistics Finland: Emissions below the Kyoto Protocol target level in 2008

Helsingin Sanomat: State-run energy company VAPO’s advertising campaign for peat faces stiff criticism from environmentalists (Apr 20)

Statistics Finland: Consumption of hard coal increased by 31 per cent in the first quarter

Helsingin Sanomat: Construction work on Olkiluoto III nuclear reactor to experience further major delays (Apr 20)

Yle: Radiation Expert Worried Over Renaissance in Nuclear Power

Ministry of Employment and the Economy: Government decides on policies for nuclear power and promotion of renewable energy production (press release Apr 21)

Helsingin Sanomat: Finland to erect up to 900 new windmills to generate electricity. Government agrees on massive support package for wind power and energy use of wood. (Apr 21)

Yle: PM Says No to 3 New Nukes

Yle: Government Endorses Building of Two New Nuclear Reactors

Helsingin Sanomat: Government endorses two new nuclear reactors (Apr 22)

Helsingin Sanomat: Nuclear opponents launch effort to stall new licences (Apr 23)

Yle: Greens Seek Parliamentary Defeat for Nuclear Decision

Finnish citizens react to the nuclear proposal. By April 23rd, 20 thousand people had pledged to vote for an anti-nuclear candidate in Finnish parliamentary election 2011.

Yle: Shell Leaving Finland

Helsingin Sanomat: Palm oil controversy continues (Apr 1)

Greenpeace Finland: Neste Oil AGM: “We will not discuss palm oil here -switch off the microphone!” (includes video with English subtitles)