Watching The Finnish… February 2010

Finnish climate change news

Yle: Nuclear Safety Researcher Falsified Findings

STUK (Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority): Researcher violates good scientific practice at STUK

Yle: Climate Change Opens Arctic Possibilities

Finnish Environment Institute: Soil contributes to climate warming more than expected – Finnish research shows a flaw in climate models

Sauli Laaksonen / University of Helsinki (doctoral dissertation): Setaria tundra, an emerging parasite of reindeer, and an outbreak it caused in Finland in 2003-2006
“The putative relationship between climate change and a vector-borne disease identified in this thesis indicates the potential and obvious threats to the individual and population health of arctic ungulates.”

Pasi Kolari / University of Helsinki (doctoral dissertation): Carbon balance and component CO2 fluxes in boreal Scots pine stands

VTT (via AlphaGalileo): Review of status of plans and implementation of nuclear waste management in Finland and other countries

VTT (via AlphaGalileo): Wind energy statistics of Finland. Yearly report 2008

A new website was published (although its section about climate change still seems to be pretty much under construction when I’m writing this).