Watching The Finnish… 48/2009 (November 23 – November 29)

Finnish coverage of foreign climate change news

The following topics were mentioned:

Carbon emissions from Indonesian peat fires estimated
Mentioned by: CO2-raportti
Original article in: PNAS
World’s first osmotic power plant, a prototype, opened in Norway
Mentioned by: Tietokone, CO2-raportti
Original article: Statkraft
In 2008, main greenhouse gases reached highest level ever since pre-industrial time
Mentioned by: Finnish Meteorological Institute, CO2-raportti, Yle, Helsingin Sanomat
Original article: World Meteorological Organization
Met Office, NERC and the Royal Society call for climate action
Mentioned by: CO2-raportti
Original article: U.K. Natural Environment Research Council
Climate change already affects human health, and, if no action is taken, problems will worsen
Mentioned by: Yle Radio 1, Tiedeuutiset
Original articles in: The Lancet

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Finnish climate change news

Yle: Finns Adapt to Higher Temperatures
“For Finns, the optimum average temperature for a 24 hour period is +15 degrees Celsius, and the best time for this is August. When the average temperature is exceeded, total mortality rises […] much more quickly than when the temperature falls.”

Yle: Artificial Ice Rinks Costly to Environment and Pocketbook

Yle: Katainen Promises Lower Electricity Tax for Companies

Yle: Room for Hundreds of Windmills in Finland

Wind Atlas of Finland (content in Finnish only) was published on the Web.

University of Helsinki (via AlphaGalileo): Kai Rasmus studied optical properties of the Antarctic system and produced new radiation information

Prime Minister’s Office: Political agreement sought at the Copenhagen Climate Conference

Yle: Finland Pushing for Strong Climate Treaty in Copenhagen

Helsingin Sanomat: Government draws up goals for Copenhagen climate summit

Helsingin Sanomat: President and three ministers to attend Copenhagen climate summit

Foreign news about Finland

BBC: New UK nuclear stations unlikely to be on time
“The Finnish EPR at Olkiluoto was supposed to be the first ‘third generation’ reactor – safe, affordable, and designed for mass production. The reactor is three years behind schedule and billions of pounds over budget after more than 3,000 mistakes were made by the builders.”