Watching The Finnish… 47/2009 (November 16 – November 22)

Finnish coverage of foreign climate change news

The following topics were mentioned:

East Antarctic ice sheet may be losing mass
Mentioned by: CO2-raportti
Original article in: Nature Geoscience
Oceans’ ability to absorb CO2 may be diminishing
Mentioned by: CO2-raportti
Original article in: Nature
Increasing fraction of CO2 emissions remains in the atmosphere; fossil fuel CO2 emissions up by 29 % since 2000
Mentioned by:, CO2-raportti
Original article in: Nature Geoscience

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Finnish climate change news

Finnish Energy Industries: “Electricity consumption is back on the rise again” (in Finnish)

Statistics Finland: “Environmental taxes decrease to 6.2 % of total taxation by the state in 2008” (in Finnish)

VTT (via AlphaGalileo): New nuclear power plants and the electricity market competition

Greenpeace Finland: “Minister Pekkarinen must halt construction of Olkiluoto 3 for the sake of nuclear security” (in Finnish)

Helsingin Sanomat: “Exceptionally warm weather in Southern Finland” (in Finnish)

Ministry for Foreign Affairs: Minister Väyrynen: The recession weakens financiers’ commitments to climate efforts

Foreign news about Finland

Greenpeace International: Update: Nuclear madness reaches Finland

Greenpeace International: Nuclear expert warns of safety flaws in Areva’s reactor design