Watching The Finnish… 46/2009 (November 9 – November 15)

Finnish coverage of foreign climate change news

The following topics were mentioned:

Record-low water level in Lake Titicaca
See COP15
Deforestation rate in Brazilian Amazon lowest in 20 years
See National Institute For Space Research, Brazil
Greenland Ice Sheet melting at accelerating rate
Original article in: Science
Record high temperatures far outpace record lows across USA

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Finnish climate change news

Helsingin Sanomat: Congestion charges could be introduced towards end of 2010s

Yle: Neste to Become World’s Biggest Buyer of Palm Oil?

Ministry of Employment and the Economy: Ministry estimates: Growth trend in electricity consumption levelling off (version in Finnish)

Yle: Ministry Reduces Power Consumption Forecast

VTT (via AlphaGalileo): How to integrate wind power smoothly to power systems

Foreign news about Finland

Greenpeace International: Paper giant pulls out of Indonesia rainforest destruction