Watching The Finnish… 23/2009 (June 1 – June 7)

Finnish coverage of foreign climate change news

The following topics were mentioned:

Offshore testing of the world’s first full-scale floating wind turbine is about to begin
See StatoilHydro
In 2008, renewables received more investment than fossil-fueled energy technologies
Greenpeace report exposes who’s involved in the ongoing deforestation of the Amazon
See Greenpeace International

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Finnish climate change news

Yle: OECD: Finland Must Now Green The Economy

Yle: True Finns, Greens Jubilant
European Elections 2009: The Green League of Finland will have two seats in the European Parliament.

Yle: “Recent occurrence of the European Hornet (Vespa crabro) in Southern Finland attributed to the warming climate” (in Finnish)

Finnish Meteorological Institute: “Summer 2009 began in northern Finland two weeks earlier than on the average” (in Finnish)

Statistics Finland: “In 2007, Finland produced 74 billion kilograms of waste, which was 7 % more than in 2006; 40 % was utilized further as materials or source of energy” (in Finnish)